Technology showcase

The technology showcase presents the last innovations from regional laboratories.
This exhibition shows the great vitality of local research, its pluridisciplinarity and its presence in high potential fields of innovation.

In 2018, projects in Deep Tech will be presented in the exhibition.

Created in collaboration with La Casemate, the technology showcase 2017 focused on the field of Smart Industry.


ASTRION (GIPSA-lab (G-INP/CNRS/UGA)/ IRIT Laboratory (ENSEEIHT/Toulouse-INP)): Support software for preventive maintenance of industrial machines.

BLUESKY (INRIA / CROUZET ( InnoVista Sensors) / VERTICAL M2M / MOTWIN / LCIS (G-INP)): Robust design of embedded applications on PLC networks.

DRONE INTERACTIVE (GIPSA-lab (UGA/G-INP/CNRS) / Linksium): Facilitate drones use in industrial world.

EPICUB (G2E-lab (CNRS/G-INP/UGA) / Linksium / MAATEL): Design and industrialisation accelerator in Power electronics.

IFLEX PRODUCTION LAB (AXANDUS / EFI AUTOMOTIVE / ALPROBOTIC / WITTMAN Battenfeld / VISIATIV): Production line for connected objects, sensors and actuators for short and medium runs.

IMPULSA (ESI Group / SAFRAN / PCI SCEM / COMEFOR / ENISE / CETIM / AMVALOR) : Business software of digital simulation of machining processes.

MODULE ALPHA (COFIM INDUSTRIE / WEENOV / MAGEA / VIAMECA) : Human-Machine Interface for machining shapes.

MORPHOSENSE (CEA Tech / MINALOGIC / INDURA / EGIS géotechnique / CentraleSupelec / Réseau entreprendre Savoie / Savoie Technolac / Grenoble-Alpes Métropole) : Monitoring solution on uninterrupted real-time of 3D deformation and 3-axes vibration.

MOTION RECALL (CEA Tech / LETI / LIST Laboratory): The synchronisation of real world and virtual world.

PDDL4J (LIG / UGA / Institut Carnot LSI / Floralis / Linksium): Tell me how!

SICONOS (INRIA (Team BIPOP) / LJK (INRIA/UGA/G-INP/CNRS)): Mechanical simulation software.

TAAS (Orange Application for Business / Orange Labs): Traceability as a Service.