Previous editions

Since the creation of the Forum 5i in 1998, 307 projects were presented to venture capitalists. 227 companies are still in activity, generating nearly 3300 jobs.

At least 103 start-up have raised funds since the creation of this event for an amount of more than 730 million euros.

For further information on the previous editions :

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The 2016 edition of Forum 5i took place on the 2nd of June and put together more than 400 participants.

The round table dealt with the topic “Enernet: a new paradigm to manage energetic transition?”.

An introduction movie have been realised to explain th main issues of Enernet.

The round table brought together:

  • Nicolas Bardi, President, Sylfen
  • Olivier Cottet, Innovation Marketing Director, Schneider Electric
  • Nouredine Hadjsaid, Professor, Grenoble INP
  • Philippe Malbranche, General Director, CEA INES
  • Julien Robillard, Enercoop

Experts opinions:

  • Jean-Paul Reich, Chief Scientific Officer, ENGIE
  • Rémy Garaude-Verdier, GRID4EU Project Coordinator, Smart Grid Project Manager, ERDF

Animation by:

  • Olivier Cateura, Delegate for Europe & Cluster Development, Tenerrdis

12 innovations from Rhone-Alpes-Auvergne laboratories in the field of Enernet and Smart Cities were presented in the technology showcase :

  • BAG-ERA (CEA Leti/IRT Nanoelec) – Software Platform to coordinate different services and connected devices
  • BEEBRYTE (Tenerrdis & Novacité/Enerstone) – A smart battery to reduce bills
  • BEEZBEE (Green&Connect/STMicroelectronics/Orange Lab/Grenoble-Alpes Metropole) – The first connected beehive using Orange’s LORA network
  • BLADETIPS ENERGY (Grenoble INP/Gipsa-lab/Linksium/Tenerrdis) – An energy-generating drone
  • EBIKELABS (Grenoble INP/Gipsa-lab/TIMC/IRT Nanoelec/InnovR/bpifrance/ACS 2014) – A connected electric bike
  • E-SIMS (MESR/bpifrance/CEA/ADEME/Investissement d’avenir/KIC InnoEnergy) – Empower your storage for renewable
  • LANCEY ENERGY STORAGE (Tenerrdis/Linksium/Captronic/InnovR/Opac38) – A smart electric heater with a connected battery
  • MOONPLUG (CEA Tech/Challenge First Step/Savoie Technolac) – Makes your batteries’ lives more beautiful!
  • ORANGE SMART METERING (Orange) – Smart meters
  • PULSCE (Linksium/Université Savoie Mont Blanc) – Vibrating batteries for autonomous sensors
  • TRANSLOCATOR (Grenoble INP/Gipsa-lab/CNRS/Linksium) – Real-time management of a cable network
  • WAGA ENERGY (ADEME/CGI/KIC Climate/MESR) – Biomethane for everyone

In the framework of the Venture 5i, a Committee Selection, composed of 21 investors from 4 different nationalities and led by Sebastien Touvron (Rhône-Alpes Creation), have selected 18 projects which have pitched behind nearly thirty investors:

  • 3D OXIDES (France) – A disruptive tag for traceability and authentification of objects and data based on 3D-printing of multi-functional thin films
  • AIREKA (by cymeya) (France) – Bike Better. Ride Faster.
  • BEEBRYTE (France) – An intelligent battery to save on electric bills
  • BGENE GENETICS (France) – Customizing microorganisms
  • FINOPTIM (France) – Fire revolution
  • LANCEY ENERGY STORAGE (France) – Lancey produces and sells an innovative radiator including a battery system, generating a tremendous economy on the heating bill and leading to develop renewable energies
  • MEAN IN FULL (France) – Ready to use live video
  • MOONTAINLAB (France) – MoontainLab is going to make your batteries life better!
  • MOTION RECALL (France) – We turn the real world into your interactive virtual reality playground
  • NANOLIVE (Switzerland) – Nanolive has developed a disruptive proprietary technology, which allows for the very first time to explore living cell in 3D without damaging
  • PRISTEM (Switzerland) – Fully digital medical x-ray systems for emerging markets, ie extremely robust, affordable, safe and easy to operate and maintain
  • PRYV (Switzerland) – Swiss made eHealth Middleware for longitudinal health data management which allows for multi-market distribution of eHealth and medtech products ans services
  • QLOUDLAB (Switzerland) – Your heart clinic at home !
  • SUBLIMED (France) – SUBLIMED is developing actiTENS, an innovative and connected medical device for chronic pains management based on a proven non-drug therapy
  • UPMEM (France) – Boost big data applications in the Datacenter with our arrays of in-memory processors by one or two orders of magnitude, solving the “Memory Wall”
  • VOICE (France) – In 3 years we will be the go-to manufacturer of dynamic orthopaedic rehabilitation systems
  • WATCHA (France) – Social Hub Makers
  • WYRES (France) – Indoor Geo-Localization for IoT and connected applications

More than 100 individual B2B have been organised during the day.

The trophy “5i-Jean-Michel Lamure” was given to BEEBRYTE. Were also awarded: NANOLIVE, BGENE GENETICS and PRISTEM. The trophy “Coup de cœur du public” was given by the participants of Forum 5i to MEAN IN FULL.

Download the press release (pdf)

The 2015 edition of Forum 5i took place on the 28th of may and put together more than 570 participants.

The round table dealing with the topic “Internet of things: what impact on economy and society ?” was opened by:

  • Jean-Pierre Gillet, Vice-President, Grenoble Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Eric Piolle, Mayor of Grenoble
  • Christophe Ferrari, President, Grenoble-Alpes Metropole

Introduction by:

  • Pascal Meyer, RTONE

With the participation of :

  • Jacques Husser, Director of operations, Sigfox
  • Philippe Mallein, Scientific advisor “Innovation and Use”, IDEAs LABORATORY
  • Sylvain Paineau, Innovation & Partnerships Director, Schneider Electric
  • Vincent Roca, PhD/HDR, INRIA
  • Tristan Rousselle, CEO, Aryballe Technologies
  • Patrice Slupowski, Digital innovation Director, Orange

Animation by:

  • Isabelle Guillaume, General Director, MINALOGIC

13 innovations from Rhone-Alpes research actors in the field of internet of things were presented in the technology showcase :

  • ABEEWAY: The specialist in intelligent GPS tags with a long battery life
  • ARYBALLE TECHNOLOGIES – CEA Tech/CNRS/UJF: Go to the invisible world of odorous chemicals
  • CYBERSECURITE DES IoT – CEA Tech: A communicating tool, yes, but how safe ? A response to the hacking of data and remote control of the IoT
  • ENERBEE – Grenoble INP/G2Elab/CEA Tech Leti/UJF/CNRS: A unique technology for generating electricity for connected devices
  • HYDRAO – STMicroelectronics: Smart and fun shower, which will teach us how to save water
  • PHYSIODOM – Sirlan/Habitat et Santé: A generic e-Health Platform for internet-connected housing
  • PRIMO1D – CEA Tech Leti: Electronic wire that integrates intelligence at the heart of materials and objects
  • RFINET – IMEP-LAHC/GATE1/FLORALIS: Two-way radio communication technology with a narrow band and a long range for the Internet of Things
  • SPOK APPSGATE – LIG/Université Grenoble Alpes/STMicroelectronics/PACE/ARD/Immotronic/INRIA Rhône-Alpes: I program my home by myself
  • TERRADONA – CEA Tech Leti/IRT NANOELEC: Smart & connected solution for sorting
  • TERRITOIRES IoT – Orange: A complementary network for the Internet of Things
  • TEXISENSE – UJF/TIMC/AGIM/CNRS: An e-sock for e-health

In the framework of the Venture 5i, a Selection Committee, composed of 17 investors from 6 nationalities, chaired by Gregoire Aladjidi, Safran Corporate Ventures have selected the 25 following companies:

  • ALFRED ASSURE – Annecy, France: Insurance made Crystal clear! AlfredAssure makes easy the selection of your insurance within major companies in France, looking to cover quality, services and price range
  • APCURE – Lyon, France: Delivered with care
  • BT GROUND – Seyssins, France: Wireless technology, IoT, Seamless technology, meeting rooms, training session, BYOD, collaborative tools, interactive session
  • CARTIMAGE MEDICAL – La Tronche, France: Augmented arthroscopy for enhanced cartilage repair
  • CONTEXTUALIZED – Bernin, France: The Smarts for your Smartphone
  • ELIAXEL – La Tronche, France: Shining molecular world for breakthrough biotherapeutics discovery
  • ETHERA – Crolles, France: Ethera develops and markets measurement and cleaning kits capable of simplifying the diagnosis, monitoring and elimination of the chemical pollution of indoor air
  • GENECREEK – Grenoble, France: Build and operate a knowledge centric and secure gateway to cloud based genomics analysis and become the leading bioinformatics platform for biotech and precision medicine
  • GULPLUG – Grenoble, France: A new way to connect
  • HAP2U – Grenoble, France: Future is in your hands. Enrich our tactile interface with the sense of touch.
  • HORUSCARE – Saint Chamond, France: Innovative, safe and efficient treatment and food supplement concept to combat obesity
  • HYDRASMART – Moirans, France: Connected solutions for water management (ex: consumption data, quality & leak). First product: HYDRAO, a smart showerhead controlled by smartphone to save water.
  • LINKIO – Grenoble, France: Clever automation for a simpler life
  • MYBLUESHIP – Dardilly, France: Smart home and interactive people
  • NANOLIVE SAS – Ecublens, Switzerland: Nanolive SAS has developed a disruptive proprietary technology, which allows for the very first time to explore a living cell in 3D without damaging it.
  • NOONEE AG – Rüti, Switzerland: the Chairolution
  • PDC LINE PHARMA – Grenoble, France: PDC Line Pharma is a clinical-stage biotech that develops potent & scalable therapeutic cancer vaccines based on PDC*line, the only dendritic cell line for therapeutic use.
  • POLLEN TECHNOLOGY – Grenoble, France: The true nanoworld measurement software company
  • SIRION BIOTECH GMBH – Martinsried, Deutschland: ANY gene to ANY cell
  • SYLFEN – Grenoble, France: the energy you need, when you need it, and in the form that matches your needs.
  • TERABEE – Saint-Genis-Pouilly, France: Providing better eyes for faster robotics
  • TEXISENSE – Grenoble, France: Feel your skin.
  • TOUTI TERRE – Moye, France: Work earth in harmony
  • UPFIT – Lyon, France: Online clothing size experts

80 individual meetings were organised during this day.

The trophy “5i-Jean-Michel Lamure” was given to HAP2U. Two accessits were awarded: GULPLUG and NOONEE AG.

During the Vision 5i, Safran Corporate Ventures, Aliad, Total Energy Ventures, Orange Digital Ventures, Demeter Partners and Avenisense discussed on : “Corporate Ventures: what investment strategies ?”

Download the press release (pdf)

The 2014 edition of Forum 4i took place on the 22nd of may and put together more than 500 participants.

The round table dealing with the topic “Silver Economy : autonomy, a new field for innovation” was opened by:

  • Eric Piolle, Mayor of Grenoble
  • Jean Vaylet, President, Grenoble Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Introduction by:

  • Frédéric Serrière, Senior Strategic

With the participation of :

  • Marc Boivert, Partner, I3S-Solutions
  • Nadia Frontigny, Vice President Care Management, LoB Healthcare, Orange
  • Catherine Grizaud, in charge of Development Thematic Housing Environment, Société Dauphinoise pour l’Habitat
  • Caroline Mouminoux, Marketing Director, Legrand Assistance to the autonomy
  • Nathalie Mouret, BlueLinea
  • Chantal Parpex, President, Innovation Capital
  • François Pernice, Director, Ordimémo
  • Eric Rumeau, Director of Health and Autonomy, Conseil Général de l’Isère

Animation by:

  • Véronique Chirié, Director, TASDA

11 innovations from Rhone-Alpes laboratories in the field of Silver Economy were presented in the technology showcase :

  • ACTIVITAL – SBT: Cognitive stimulation in the service of the autonomy of the elderly.
  • ASTUS – ASTUS SA: Portable solution of telemedicine and diagnostic assistance in real time
  • AVALUN – CEA LETI / IRT Nanoelec / Minalogic / Lyon Biopôle / Gate 1 / Avalun: My lab in the pocket
  • E-LIOBOX & INTERFACE UTILISATEUR ADAPTABLE – INRIA / TECHNOSENS / LJK: A new interface which recognizes his user.
  • ICASA – Orange Labs / UJF / Scalagent / Telecom Paris Tech / Minalogic: Platform of software integration for a smart housing environment.
  • IGIROUETTE – BIIN / CEA / Erasme / IRIS / Imaginove: The smart signalling system.
  • ISKN – CEA LETI / ISKN / IRT Nanoelec: The on-line health in all simplicity.
  • PROGRAMME TECHNOLOGIE DE LIAISONS – IRT Nanoelec: assist companies to develop innovative products and services
  • TOUCH IT – CEA / UJF / Orange Labs / Université de Lille / INRIA / Minalogic / Cap Digital / MAUD / STMicroelectronics: Do not look simply at the future… touch it!
  • USINE D’INNOVATION POUR HABITAT INTELLIGENT – INRIA / LIG / Equipex AMIQUAL4HOME / Schneider Electric: Place of unique hosting for the development of digital objects.
  • WEEPULSE – CEA / Gate 1: Patch of autonomous electrostimulation in energy for the treatment of the pain.

In the framework of the Venture4i, a Selection Committee, composed of 21 investors from 7 nationalities, chaired by Jean-Marc Bally, Managing Director of Aster Capital evaluated 50 companies. 32 companies were selected to present themselves to nearly 40 investors:

    • 3D-MONTBLANC – Grenoble, France: 3D-MontBlanc will be the first high performance silicon system company to enable next generation high performances data center and sustain the Big Data growth.
    • 3D-OXIDES – Saint-Genis Pouilly, France: 3D-Oxides has developed a unique additive thin film deposition technique. The main strenghts are single step deposition of complex oxide thin films on large substrates.
    • ALLEANTIA – Pise, Italy: Alleantia is an Internet of Things Software & Service Provider. They provide the ‘IoT Store’ and the ‘Clouds of Things’ system.
    • ARYBALLE TECHNOLOGIES – Grenoble, France: AT will develop innovative Gustatory and Olfactory Nano Bio Sensors. A first medical device will be launched in 2016 for patients suffering from Anosmia.
    • AVALUN – Grenoble, France: Avalun is a young spin-off from CEA LETI. The technology inside LabPad results of over 10 years of R&D in CMOS for biology.
    • AYAWANE – Lyon, France: AYAWANE has developed a new approach to manage hard-to-treat wounds, called HYALIn technology; an unique concept of sequential solutions.
    • BREEKTIME – Geneva, Switzerland: BreekTime is building a powerful analytic technology that makes team work more interactive, reliable and fun.
    • DEXTERITE SURGICAL – Annecy, France: Hand held robot for laparoscopic surgery. Cost only 20% of the currently available solution.
    • ELECTRO POWER SYSTEMS – Turin, Italy: Electro Power Systems designs, produces and commercializes hydrogen fuel cell systems for backup power and energy storage applications.
    • ENERBEE – Grenoble, France: EnerBee is based in Grenoble, France, with a team expert in energy harvesting, electrical engineering, innovation industrialisation and financing.
    • EVADERIS – Grenoble, France: eVaderis envisions to be the leading fabless company offering energy-efficient, data-centric solutions, serving the future needs of Internet of Things.
    • EXAGAN– Grenoble, France: Accelerate electronic industry transition towards more efficient conversion systems to reduce CO2 emission, by enabling GaN on Silicon power technology adoption.
    • GLOBEVIP – Lyon, France: Visual search engine service EyeSnap who finds images by visual similarities in large image databases.
    • INSPHERO DIAGNOSTICS – Schlieren, Switzerland: With our 3D microtissue technology we transfer tumor chemosensitivity testing to the 21th century to increase cancer patients’ chances for successful treatment.
    • IRLYNX – Grenoble, France: IrLynx designs and sells human activity sensing modules to interactive system manufactures in smart building, security and assisted living markets.
    • PB&B – Lausanne, Switzerland: They make your own cells remove wrinkles and signs of aging.
    • PLUS MAT – Schüpfen, Switzerland: Waste is displaced resource! Their system extracts high values (PV Silicon) from waste of PV wafer sawing (slurry) te reduce PV production cost significantly.
    • PRAGMA THERAPEUTICS – Reignier-Esery, France: Pragma Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company in creation, developing innovative small molecules for the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders.
    • PROSPER DIAGNOSTICS – Rolle, Switzerland: Operates a specialized molecular diagnostics laboratory positioned in the attractive European molecular diagnostics market.
    • SAMANTREE TECHNOLOGIES – Lausanne, Switzerland: Digital microscopy company, with the mission to enable in-vivo histology for tumor resection guidance and early-stage tumor diagnosis.
    • SAVE INNOVATIONS – Grenoble, France: Development and sales of innovative turbines for the industries and consumers in need for some hundred watts to supply their mobile or stand-alone equipment.
    • SIRLAN TECHNOLOGIES – Eybens, France: Home automation and home care services.
    • SOLIUM – Grenoble, France: Solium offers high performances solar-LED equipment based on its own core technology. Solium targets both local authorities and corporates in France and abroad.
    • TENSIVE – Milan, Italy: Tensive is an emerging biomedical start-up aiming to develop vascularizable biodegradable protheses aiming to offer natural breast reconstruction/augmentation.
    • TERABEE – Saint-Genis Pouilly, France: Technology company developing robust low-cost fast and safe indoor inspection systems and related sensing solutions.
    • THERESON – Milan, Italy: A new Healing technology for Diabetic Foot and Chronic Ulcers.
    • TRACE TECHNOLOGIES – Renens, Switzerland: Nike+ and Netflix for ball sports, starting with Golf.
    • VERELEC – Saint Etienne de Saint Geoirs, France: Verelec designs, produces and sells high performance infrared radiant and customisable heating devices on European markets.
    • VERSEO – Meylan, France: The managers of small, medium and large businesses and communities are exhausted with request for sustainability information, reports and questionnaires.
    • VISIOGLOBE – Montbonnot, France: Indoor Map Solution.
    • WATSIZE – Grenoble, France: Find clothes at the right size. On the web, in-store & to offer.
    • XTREMLOGIC – Lyon, France: XtremLogic delivers a paradigm shift in complex IP developments for FPGA by leveraging its internal tool that delivers >10x performance, >100x productivity.

160 individual meetings were asked during this day.

The trophy “4i-Jean-Michel Lamure” was given to ELECTRO POWER SYSTEMS. Two accessits were awarded: DEXTERITE SURGICAL and WATSIZE.

The Vision 4i allowed to 3 major corporative to present their innovative strategies: Solvay Group, Orange, ALIAD (Air Liquid).

Download the press release (pdf)

The 16th edition of the Forum 4i took place on 23rd May 2012 with more than 450 participants.

The topic of the round table discussion was “Smart mobility, use and innovations”


  • Michel Destot, Mayor of the City of Grenoble, Member of the French Parliament
  • Jean Vaylet, President, Grneoble Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Marc Baïetto, President, Grenoble Urban Community
  • Jean-Jack Queyranne, President,  Rhone-Alpes Regional Council
  • Geneviève Fioraso, Minister in charge of higher Education and Research

Introduction :

  • Edith Cresson, Former Prime Minister, Aviser to ADIT


  • Marc Bourgeois, MB Solutions Collectivités
  • Edouard Combette, Ecomobilité Ventures
  • Vahagn Donabedian, Global Functional Area Manager Collaboration & Mobile Business Application, Volvo IT
  • Rody El Chammas, Toyota Motor Europe
  • Fabio Ferrari, CEO, SymbioFCell
  • Florence Lambert, Director, CEA Liten
  • Thierry Ménissier, Innovation philosophy Professor, G2i – UPMF Grenoble 2
  • Philippe Mulard, Hydrogen Mobility Director, Air Liquide
  • Jean Souchal, Chairman of the management Board, POMA
  • Marc Zuber, Sales Director, SIEMENS

Technology showcase:

  • BESPOON – CEA LETI: precision positioning system to locate people and goods through a small capsule that communicates with a smartphone
  • CHARGING AND CONNECTING TO THE GRID – CEA LITEN / AMPERE LABS / WINSLIM: innovative and universal system of wireless transmission of energy from the latest technologies of induction
  • CITY FRET  – Pôle de compétitivité LUTB, transport and mobility systems / Grand Lyon / Etat / Région Rhône-Alpes: simulator designed to educate the public about the choice of vehicle technologies and patterns of delivery in the urban space according to three indicators: sustainable development, economy and use.
  • E-MOTION – INRIA / LIG / PROBAYES / TOYOTA MOTOR EUROPE: allows via sensors and computing capabilities embedded systems to provide individual (wheelchair, car) or collective (bus, tram) transportation with capabilities of perception, decision and action permitting operation in dynamic and shared environments
  • HYCAN – AD VENTA / MCPHY / PAXITECH / INSTITUT NEEL / LEREM: new range of mini-storage intended to supply small hydrogen-powered cell
  • METALOG – G-SCOP (UJF, Grenoble INP, Carnot LSI): software solution to accurately calculate distances between many points, and return results in the form of cards
  • MOBILITE SOLAIRE – CEA INES: technologies and tools for predicting solar resources to achieve refills of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids with the use of photovoltaic systems while maximizing the use of local energy produced in situ and minimizing the impact on the public electricity distribution network
  • PEDELEC – GIPSA-LAB / EBL / GRENOBLE INP / CNRS / UJF / UNIVERSITE STENDHAL: lightweight motorization, quiet and efficient, which can be fitted on a power-assisted bicycle, and adaptable to other light electric mobility equipments (wheelchairs, scooters…)
  • PLANIFICATION URBAINE – INRIA / IDDRI /AURG / MODELISTICA / LET (CNRS, ENTPE, Lyon 2): tool for decision support for the design and evaluation of transportation and development policies based on integrated models on transport / land use
  • VELO DELTA – CEA LITEN: innovative thermal assistance bicycle for claiming energy efficiency records and capable of climbing a slope greater than 35%
  • WEGOTO – Laboratoire AGIM / UJF / CNRS / EPHE / UPMF / IVèS / Carnot LSI: software suite to improve the movement of people based on the user profile, be they, for example, visually impaired or in a wheelchair

The Venture Capital Forum became the Venture4i.

A Selection Committee, composed of 40 members from 9 nationalities, chaired by Loïc Liétar, Managing Partner of ST New Ventures evaluated 75 pre-selected companies. 35 companies were selected to present themselves to 60 investors:

  • 3D-OXIDES – St-Genis Pouilly, France: 3D-Oxides develops disruptive complex 3D-nanomaterials.
  • ABIONIC – Lausanne, Switzerland: based on an innovative nanotechnology approach, Abionic has developed a medical diagnostic device providing fast and low-cost allergy tests.
  • ALEVA NEUROTHERAPEUTICS – Lausanne, Switzerland: Aleva Neurotherapeutics has developed proprietary neurostimulation technologies that enable significantly better therapies for neurological diseases.
  • AMOEBA – Lyon, France : Amoéba is pionneeering the development and supply of a natural biological agent for eliminating harmful micro-organisms from water networks.
  • APIX – Grenoble, France : APIX changes the use model for multi-gas analyzers: miniaturization, cost reduction for in situ and ubiquitous applications.
  • ATOOMA – Milan, Italy : Atooma is the ultimate mobile toolkit to create your self made mini-apps without coding and to make your smartphone so smart to work for you.
  • BESPOON – Grenoble, France : BeSpoon is designing chips that enable mobile geofencing, a feature addressing the B$ smartphone market.
  • BT3 – Grenoble, France : BT3 develops green chemistry to improve the properties of cellulosic materials, for example water repellency.
  • CELLIPSE – Grenoble, France : Developing a First-in-Class LIM Kinase inhibitor for Cancer Patients.
  • COMBAGROUP – Molondin, Switzerland: CombaGroup develops an automated, cost-efficient, environment-friendly and profitable solution for growing lettuce.
  • CRYSTAL DEVICE – Besançon, France : Crystal Device develops innovative micro components in microtechnology applications fields such as optics, sensors and energy harvesting.
  • CYTOO – Grenoble, France: From Cells to Health – more physiologic cell cultures through morphogenic cells guidance.
  • DIGITALMEDLAB – Zürich, Switzerland: DigitalMedLab develops mobile healthcare applications for the professional management of chronic conditions such as chronic wound.
  • DORPHAN – Lausanne, Switzerland: identification of small molecules for the treatment of orphan genetic diseases, and their preclinical development through outsourcing.
  • DTAMEDICAL SAS – Loulle, France: DTAMedical SAS develops a process of fast healing (for acute and chronic wounds) by enriched and mastered airflows: Wound Induction.
  • ECRINS THERAPEUTICS – Grenoble, France: Ecrins Therapeutics focuses on identifying and developing new molecules for cancer treatment.
  • ENCAPSULIX – Aix-en-Provence, France: process equipment for large scale nanotechnology.
  • EVEON – Grenoble, France: Eveon aims to become a leading company producing innovative medical devices tailored for the reconstitution and/or administration of drugs.
  • GENES’INK – Rousset, France: Genes’Ink the nanosolution provider pionneers in the design & manufacture of nanoparticles & various ink formulations.
  • HIKOB – Lyon, France: provides the hardware & software tools to help engineers and researchers becoming digital engineers and digital researchers.
  • INFLAMALPS – Monthey, Switzerland: a pharma biotech discovering and developing novel molecules derived from natural sources for the treatment of inflammatory diseases.
  • INZAIR – Lausanne, Switzerland: ZMS: next generation mobile messaging platform, allowing to trigger message by location and time, in the right place, at the right time.
  • KAIROS3D – Turin, Italy: it’s Genomic Data Visual Mining: next generation integrative 3D visualization and analysis of complex and multidimensional molecular data.
  • NEWLISI – Milan, Italy: a chemical process for sludge treatment: a unique, patented “Zero Sludge” technology that will transform the sludge processing market.
  • NEWSCRON – Lugano, Switzerland: a news platform that reduces the information overload by organising and filtering news items based on their content.
  • NOIVION – Trente, Italy: a new production technology to disrupt the industrial manufacturing of thin film coatings.
  • PRIMO1D – Grenoble, France: Primo1D provides textile yams embedding electronic functions for traceability, decoration and in-situ measurments.
  • QUALISTEO – Nice, France: Novel Monitoring Tools for affordable Energy Efficiency.
  • RESOLUTION SPECTRA SYSTEMS – Grenoble, France: Resolution Spectra Systems offers compact high-performance optical spectrometers based on an innovative technology called SWIFTS®
  • RESPONSA – Venise, Italy: stop answering the same question over and over – Responsa is a Q&A widget quickly and easily embeddable in any website.
  • RIGHTCLEARING – Zürich, Switzerland: provides a fully automated licensing service for digital content. No more brokers & lawyers needed – fast & easy.
  • TMS – Grenoble, France: TMS gives access to positive energy housing by transforming its roof in an economical and controllable major source of energy production.
  • TRANSCURE BIOSERVICES – Archamps, France: state-of-the-art humanized mouse models for drug targeting the human immune system. HIV mice, humanized liver, pancreas and skin models.
  • VENCE INNOVATION – Grenoble, France: Vence Innovation will provide an electronic eye to robotic companies who want their robots to perceive human-beings around them.
  • WISE – Milan, Italy: the new generation of leads for neuromodulation for treatment of chronic pain and Parkinson: unbreakable, less invasive and cheaper.

70 individual meetings were organized during this day.

The trophy “4i-Jean-Michel Lamure” was given to ABIONIC. Two accessits were awarded: BESPOON et QUALISTEO.

A new event was oragnized: Vision 4i: 5 major corporative innovative strategies: Bosch Group, 3M, Sony Corporation, SEB Group, Samsung.

Download the press release (pdf)

The 15th edition of the Forum 4i took place on 3rd May 2012 with more than 450 participants.

The topic of the round table discussion was “EcoCity, innovation accelerator”


  • Geneviève Fioraso, Deputy Mayor in charge of Economy, Employment, University and Research
  • Jean Vaylet, President, Grenoble Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Marc Baïetto, President, Grenoble Urban Community
  • Jean-Jack Queyranne, President, Rhone-Alpes Regional Council

Introduction :

  • Stéphane Siebert, Deputy Mayor in charge of Sustainable Development
  • Heinrich Hick, Member of cabinet of Günther Oettinger, Commissioner of Energy, European Commission


  • Jean-Louis Brunet, President, H3C énergies
  • Franck Chevalley, SVP, Smart Grid global business line, Atos Worldgrid
  • Patrick Criqui, Director of Research CNRS, Director EDDEN laboratory
  • Jacques Ferrier, Architect and town-planner, Jacques Ferrier Architectures
  • Nicolas Leterrier, Vice-President Innovation, Schneider Electric
  • Jean-Philippe Richard, Head of the metropolitan policy and urban development department in charge of the fund “city of tomorrow”, Caisse des Dépôts
  • Jocelyne Wasselin, Director Marketing Corporate, SOITEC

Technology showcase :


  • BEE-SECURED (CEA LETI) : network connecting 30 000 hives deployed throughout Europe. This alternative application of bees, can help communities, public health institutions, industry, agriculture, defence… with management of the environment
  • FLOW’AIR (LMFA – ECL/UCBL/CNRS/INSA) : Flow’Air is a modelling software for atmospheric dispersion of polluants released on industrial areas
  • GEOPROSPECT (EDYTEM – UNIVERSITE DE SAVOIE, CNRS/TENEVIA) : geoprospective approach which associates territorial prospective and spatial land cover modelling to facilitate territorial reflection
  • METAPAPIER (CTP/MEP – LAHC et LCIS/AHLSTROM) : a printed electronic application in the form of a paper which can be plastered. Used as a wall covering, it protects public or private spaces against Wifi or GSM waves
  • VOLET SOLAIRE BUBENDORFF (CEA LETI/INES) : a new rolling shutter 100% powered by the sun


  • ABATIA (CEA/ARMINES) : energetic needs simulation software for building designers in project phase ; dedicated to non thermal specialists (architects, builders…)
  • A-EMS (FREEMENS/G2ELAB – INP/UJF/CNRS) : Advanced Energy Management Systems enabling second life / second hand battery markets and technologies
  • MICRO EOLIENNE (CEA LETI) : Off-grid micro wind turbine coupled with externe efficiency alternator from CEA Leti
  • VESTA-SYSTEM (G2ELAB – INP/UJF/CNRS / G-SCOP – INP/UJF/CNRS) : energy efficiency software solutions, used from design to management of energetic systems


  • IXE (Equipe WAM – INRIA/LIG – UJF/INP/UPMF/CNRS) : a mobile navigation system requiring no infrastructure, configurable for pedestrians, bicycles and caddies
  • SMART CITIES OU LA VILLE INTELLIGENTE (ORANGE LABS MEYLAN) : bringing to the forefront services for a sustainable city by creating an ecosystem of the services M2M by uniting SMEs providing a range of services, mutualizing the network and data collection platform, and minimizing the energy footprint of the deployed systems

15 projects were presented to 19 investors at the Venture Capital Forum.

The 2012 investor’s trophy “4i – Jean-Michel Lamure” for the most innovative project was awarded to WAVELENS.